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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: A Growing Spectator Esport

    credit : esports bet

    written by Blaž Cilenšek

    The two biggest esports titles fall under two categories; Moba games and First person shooters. League of Legends and Dota 2 are dominating the moba market. As for first person shooters the most successful esports title is CS:GO, however Blizzard had the idea of combining the two and came up with Overwatch in 2016, which has been a big success.

    Enter Ubisoft, with the idea of a semi-realistic first person shooter that combines the simplicity that attracts audiences in CS:GO with the finesse and strategy that is required from Moba games. The game can be played with 46 different operators that all have unique loadouts and play styles. Now even though the game was released before Overwatch, Ubisoft has only started adapting towards esports over the last couple years, with major changes to the league structure that now consists of amateur to pro leagues, additionally specific changes have been made to ranked play solely for the purpose of a better environment for pro and aspiring pro players. Such as adding bans to ranked play for example.

    CS:GO is sitting on a throne right now with no one even remotely close when it comes to first person shooters, however you can be certain that Ubisoft see the potential Rainbow Six Siege has to offer and will make the correct steps to increase it's popularity.