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    RYGE and Esports Performance Lab Announce Partnership helping bring the Central Hub one step closer.

    Raise Your Game Esports continues on their path to creating the central hub for the world of esports, along the way they have formed a partnership with Esports Performance Lab who via the Central Hub will offer experienced insights and guidance on peak performance training and physical education for esports athletes.

    The mission of Esports Performance Lab is to improve the performance, personal development, and overall health of esports athletes by educating players on a holistic approach to training backed by scientific research covering such topics as exercise, nutrition, recovery, and injury prevention.

    Leon Dale - Raise Your Game Esports CEO

    " Jake is filled with passion for educating esports athletes and the community regarding physical health and fitness. Being able to offer his insights and experience on the central hub amplifies our community focus."

    Jake Middleton - Esports Performance Lab Founder

    " I am excited about being able to share our experience and guidance via the Central Hub enabling us to reach new audiences and share the benefits of a well-balanced approach to fitness and nutrition for esports athletes and the community."

    Raise Your Game Esports is excited to partner with Esports Performance Lab and extend Jake's effort in promoting health and fitness to the esports community.

    Here at Raise Your Game Esports or RYGE for short, we have a long road ahead to create the Central Hub for esports but with your continued support we know we can make this a reality.

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