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    Riot on the Future of Fantasy

    (Source: Riot Games)

    Hopeful LCS and LEC fans who were eagerly anticipating the return of Riot Games’ Fantasy LCS may have been left somewhat disillusioned following a recent tweet from Riot Games’ LCS Commissioner, Chris Greeley, in which he announced that for at least another split the official Fantasy LCS would not be returning.

    The announcement has left a somewhat bitter taste in the mouth of a large section of its dedicated supporters, especially considering an article written in late 2018 reassured fans that Fantasy would become a higher priority for Riot. The article in question briefly discussed plans to improve upon the previously clunky iteration of Fantasy that users had voiced dissatisfaction with, primarily on the dedicated Fantasy LCS subreddit.

    The timing of the announcement, though, couldn’t have been better. The tremendous amount of goodwill and hype garnered from the release and announcements of projects such as Team Fight Tactics (TFT), Legends of Runeterra, Arcane and more has negated any backlash the company could’ve received as a result of this decision.

    (Source: Riot Games)

    In the past, critics of Fantasy were questioning where time and resources were being funnelled whilst Fantasy remained a wholly inadequate platform. However, there is now unequivocal evidence of the work-ethic that was present behind the scenes at Riot until now, which has very few questions to be asked.

    Whilst there was mention of potentially working with a third party to aid in the refinement of the aforementioned Fantasy platform, it seems as though for the time being Riot are fully endorsing the use of third-party platforms. Whether this strategy of relying on third-party services to sate fans desire to interact with the professional scene is a temporary one remains to be seen.

    For the time being, fans will have to settle for any of the numerous Fantasy leagues and drafting systems provided by platforms such as E1 whilst the future regarding Fantasy LCS at Riot continues to be somewhat uncertain.

    Article by Matthew Merritt (@matt_m_esports)