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    Raise Your Game Esports and R3PREZ3NT Announce Partnership

    The journey of creating the Central Hub for the world of esports is an adventure and on that adventure Raise Your Game Esports has a new companion, R3PREZ3NT bring a new and exciting dynamic to the Central Hub.

    The mission of R3PREZ3NT is to enable professional esports athletes to focus purely on their A-Game. Providing players with the foundation to grow their personal brand, work with sponsors, plan their careers and enable them to be part of esports during and after their active career.

    The Partnership with RYGE will enable R3PREZ3NT to also deliver their consultation and esports workshops that focus on various esports and business topics to the global community.

    We asked Max Euler and Moritz Straube founders of R3PREZ3NT for their thoughts.

    Max Euler - R3PREZ3NT Founder

    " We are very excited about the partnership with RYGE as we share values and a common vision for the future of the esports industry. Providing players with proper management and enabling them to reach their maximum potential through workshops will help to raise the professionalism in esports. The Central hub will provide an awesome platform for that."

    Moritz Straube - R3PREZ3NT Founder

    " I think it is fantastic that we have come together. It is good to see that there are equal-spirited minds within the currently still unexplored and rapidly growing industry. I fondly believe that RYGE and R3PREZ3NT can be of great mutual value to one another and that together we have the potential to change the industry as we currently know it."

    Tim Kelleher - Raise Your Game Esports COO

    " We are very excited about this opportunity and about the endless possibilities to collaborate with R3PREZ3NT, we are happy to help them on their way to improving esports as a whole but also the lives of esports athletes."






    Here at Raise Your Game Esports or RYGE for short, we are on a great journey to create the Central Hub for esports for you, with your continued support we know we can make this a reality.

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