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    Partnership Announcement for Raise Your Game Esports and PrideStark Gaming & Entertainment

    The Central Hub for esports is taking shape, however along the road a large viking shadow appeared in front of RYGE.

    That large Viking shadow belong to non other than PrideStark Gaming & Entertainment after a long, gruelling battle of pure strength both sides succumb to exhaustion and formed a partnership to better the global esports community .

    PrideStark Gaming and Entertainment is dedicated to seeing the nerd fandom culture celebrated in every aspect of life. We dedicate ourselves to being the champion of brands we see making the gaming, nerd, and fandom community a more exciting place to be!

    The Partnership of RYGE and the Pride Stark Empire will shine a light on the culture of esports along with a new dynamic to the Central Hub that is due to be released later in the year.

    The Man, The Myth, The Viking Legend

    Way Stark

    CEO at PrideStark Gaming and Entertainment

    " We at PrideStark are excited to explore the partnership we have made with RYGE. We are excited to be able to provide their platform with very down to earth exclusive content about our players that you will only be able to find through them in 2019. We feel their approach to a community really marries well with ours!

    Leon Dale

    CEO Raise Your Game Esports

    " We are very excited about the new dynamic that this partnership presents to RYGE and the esports community, there is a great synergy between myself and Way that echoes across both companies"






    Here at Raise Your Game Esports or RYGE for short, we are on a great journey to create the Central Hub for esports for you, with your continued support we know we can make this a reality.

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