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    Overwatch World Cup Finals 2019

    The 2nd of November 2019 marked a big day for Overwatch fans and two teams as they headed into the final of the world cup to decide who would have the bragging rights and be able to call themselves the best Overwatch team in the world. On one team, USA, hoping to prove that last year’s performance doesn’t mean they should ever be overlooked - and on the other team, China looking to improve

    on their second place last year and grab gold.

    Both teams looked very strong coming out of group stages, USA going 12- 0-0 in Group A and China closely following going 11-0-1 in Group B. This meant both teams had secured a place in the semi-finals, a massive improvement from last year for team USA. China, still hunting that first- place victory, had to first go through France and after a shaky start, moved onto the finals with a 3-1 win. USA mirrored the results against last years world cup winners South Korea, destroying their dreams of achieving 1st place 4 years in a row.

    Photo by Carlton Beener via Blizzard

    The stage was set, a true underdog story from the side of USA, China battling to hold the trophy at last, it would all be decided over the coming games. Ilios was where this clash is going to start, both teams showing a sign of respect and mirroring each other’s champions, a fight in the middle of the map starts it all off, both teams looking for picks that will allow them to take control of the objective. USA take the objective but with some back and forth China manage to take it back, at 88% USA take the control point but in overtime China’s Jinmu connects with an amazing meteor strike leading to China taking round 1.

    Over to the ruins map now, USA look to take back a game changing their DPS’ from Reaper and Doomfist to Bastion and Mei, China’s Elsa playing Wrecking ball looks for a risky engage on team USA, ultimately failing and allowing Corey’s Bastion wreak havoc onto the other members of team China - leading to the capture point being taken by team USA. The game looks very much like its going to be USA’s first round, however China swoop in on 99% and steal the control point back - stalling the game. After fantastic team fights from China they themselves manage to push their percentage to 99 leaving USA to make a last-ditch effort and pushing in overtime. With some amazing Sigma and Doomfist plays, USA take the control point and win round 2.

    On to the well stage of Ilios now and team USA have opted for a Bastion shield comp which allows them to capture the point but at 30%, a beautiful Jinmu Pharah barrage wastes USA and lets China take the object. With a champ change and a hard push when China’s at 80%, USA manage to focus down the tanks and take the objective, with some wonderful

    snipes from Corey’s Hanzo and a well placed ult from Sinatra’s Reaper, team USA take round 3 and game 1.

    Game 2 is the hybrid map of Kings Row with USA’s defending, Corey’s Hanzo and Tracer manages to stall out the first objective, until China make a last push at 18 seconds allowing them to capture the control point and start pushing the payload. With four kills in quick succession going over to Eileen’s Reaper, during the push China look like they’re going to secure 3 points in this first round; however a last second Bastion pick from Corey during overtime stalls the last point and China finish the round with 2 points.

    Photo by Carlton Beener via Blizzard

    Round 2 starts with USA looking to capture that point quickly and push the payload all the way for 3 points, however Eileen’s Reaper has other ideas as he positions himself beautifully in the middle of USA and obliterates them, picking up a team kill. With a big push, team USA manage to secure the objective and get the payload rolling, on the first corner Sinatra gets a well-placed meteor strike, wiping out four members then getting a follow up kill on Jinmu to maximise the push potential. To finish it all off Corey and Rawkus utilise their ultimates and close out round 2, netting USA 3 points.

    Game 3 is an escort one on Dorado, its starts off fairly tame with USA pushing in the payload, just before the first check point Eileen looks for an EMP, however waits too long and multiple members of his team die - with a quick lapse in judgement he still uses the ultimate with little effect and dies, allowing USA to secure the checkpoint. Few moments later Eileen shows he hasn’t given up and connects an amazing EMP onto all the enemy players, but again with USA on the push to the 2nd checkpoint he uses the ult with no teammates nearby its the final nail in the coffin for China.

    69’s Reaper gives China their first checkpoint. Just round the corner from the first check point, moments later USA make an aggressive defensive play which pays off, Corey showing his mastery on Reaper and taking out 3 members with death blossom. China desperately need a miracle, but with 10 seconds to spare Sinatra gets a precise meteor strike onto Jinmu eliminating him. With China’s other DPS Eileen nowhere to be seen, they are pushed off the payload by USA ending round 2 before China can get more than 1 point, securing the victory for team USA.

    Photo by Carlton Beener via Blizzard

    So USA are crowned the champions of the Overwatch World Cup 2019, and after 4 years of heartbreak, the USA team erupt from their seats to embrace each other and congratulate themselves. After a brief celebration they gather their composure and show humility going over and shaking the hands of China’s team before walking down the stairs to the trophy and at long last lifting it above their heads.

    By Patrick Begg