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    K0nfig and JUGi move to Cloud9, what would this mean for the roster?

    Updated: Apr 5, 2019

    By Benjamin Hodge Mckenna

    According to a recent report, Danish players k0nfig and JUGi are set to finalise the Cloud9 roster after KioShiMa was announced to part ways with the organisation.

    Should the Danes move over to Cloud9, the roster will now look like this:

    · Autimatic

    · Rush

    · Golden

    · K0nfig

    · JUGi

    · Valens(Coach)

    The addition these two players could be a potentially great improvement but, it looks like this will not be the last iteration of Cloud9. Nevertheless, let’s analyse how these roster changes will impact the organisation and have a look at whether it could be a recipe for success for the American organisation.

    First thing’s first, the first loss to the roster is KioShiMa. KioShiMa is a highly experienced French player who is renowned for playing an excellent supporting role in his teams. He’s won two Major titles and has played competitive counter-strike since CS 1.6 where he was just 17. KioShiMa leaving the team could indirectly damage Cloud9’s firepower, as he will no longer be available to use his utility to effectively open up fragging situations for his teammates. The loss of KioShiMa from the roster will not only cause them to lose one of their most tenured players but it has also caused them to temporarily withdraw from ECS Season 7.

    The ECS official twitter confirmed that Cloud9 were being removed from the tournament and that their spot was being taken by Bad News Bears.

    While this is not a permanent removal from the league, it could mean that Cloud9 will face a potentially more difficult route to the LAN Finals at the Wembley SSE Arena in June.

    Now that we’ve discussed the losses, let’s talk about who’s coming into the roster.

    K0nfig and JUGi are both Danish players that would be directly transferred from the now troubled Optic Gaming side. JUGi is now the highest rated player on the Optic roster with a HLTV rating of 1.12. He’s a primary awper by trade who knows how to keep his cool in a 1v1 situation. The addition of JUGi to Cloud9 could provide them with a new primary awp player that will likely work in tandem with Autimatic in some potential double awp CT side setups. Before playing on Optic, JUGi was on the Danish team Heroic. On the other hand, K0nfig has had a slightly more prestigious career as he played  for North before moving to his current Optic line-up. While he has been less impressive on his current team, when on North K0nfig had a reputation as an incredibly powerful player with huge carry potential. Favoring the rifles, K0nifg has the potential to be an incredibly fragging player for Cloud9 provided that he is utilised correctly. He’s be known for his explosive firepower so he could be a great addition to the firepower of the roster.

    However, what makes things more interesting is the potential addition of a new in-game leader.

    While nothing has been confirmed or rumored, an interesting concept could be the addition of MSL to this side.

    MSL is currently the in-game leader for Rogue after he was replaced by CadiaN in his previous team, North. MSL is an incredibly experienced tactical IGL who is well known for his in-depth strategical approach to the game. This makes him potentially perfect for this Cloud9 roster. Not only do Cloud9 need a strong captain at the moment, but MSL has experience playing with K0nfig in the past and has traditionally been able to utilise him to his full potential. His addition would also give Cloud9 the building blocks they need to build a new all-Danish roster. Lastly, as MSL is playing for a smaller American organisation, he may have a lower buyout price making him easier for Cloud9 to acquire than other top In-Game Leaders right now.

    Regardless of speculation, the addition of K0nfig and JUGi should add some much needed firepower to the North American organisation and continues their ever evolving strategy of building a European roster.

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