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    Esports as a career? University of Hawaii is helping students prepare for it.

    The University of Hawaii understands the importance of esports and will provide support for students empowering them to create their own destiny in this field, whether it be a web developer, shoutcaster, analyst, content creator, nutritionist, lawyer or esports experts in media production, marketing, social media or sales.

    University of Hawaii President David Lassner is also a fan of esports

    "We will be attracting students to this university with an amazing esports program, including the classes that we’re offering in esports, again, not in how to game, but what esports is and what it means economically and socially for society,” said Lassner. “In addition, there’s a whole economic ecosystem in jobs around organizing the business of esports.”

    Kevin Nguyen, a University of Hawii senior majoring in communications and who has been active on the campus esports scene, agrees. “I think the University of Hawaii itself has a responsibility to try to get these students connected, and it can help grow the industry because if we work together, we can build it up together,” said Nguyen. “I want to give students the opportunity that I struggled with trying to get. I want to make sure that when they grow up they can go up to their mom and their dad and say, look, there’s this great program here at the University of Hawaii, I can promise you that it’s a very secure path.”

    University of Hawaii is for is first esports tournament which starts today. The team will participate in a five-week, round-robin event for in Overwatch. Team members include: Chris Shimabukuro (coach), Clark Acohido, Nadia Boneza, Alan Muneoka, Chih-Hung “Bryant” Wang, Jonathan Valencia and Ashley Zhang. It is one of only a few teams nationwide with female players.

    We wish the team the best of luck and will closely following the development of the course at the University of Hawaii.

    The journey to create the Central Hub for esports continues, with your continued support we know we can make this a reality.

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