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    Do you want Froggen, Pimp, and Agge to teach you how to play?

    By Benjamin Hodge Mckenna

    Welcome to the first in a new series of interviews for RYGE.

    Today we speak with Jonas Rosbech, Chief Marketing Officer at GamerzClass, Discussing esports education, the growth of esports in Europe and the GamerzClass Platform.

    Q || Firstly, for our readers what is GamerzClass?

    GamerzClass produces courses with professional esports athletes. Agge teaches FIFA, Froggen teaches league of legends and Pimp teaches CS:GO. Currently we have two professionals teaching Fortnite, we will be expanding the courses for Counter-Strike and league of legends very soon. We aim to produce up to 20 courses this year. 2019 is continuing to be a great year for us, we recently secured investment of $150,000. Alongside our user base growing rapidly, we won the Danish finals for a start-up accelerator in Prague, we now heading to Silicon Valley for another start up accelerator.

    We are also creating the GamerzClass Elite Club, closing the distance between the professionals and amateurs. We want to promote unity between gamers regardless of their preferred game title. So, we’ve created a forum where everyone who enrolls on our courses can ask questions to the pro players and to each other. We have also spoken with Red Bull regarding a talk show, where players from different games come together and discuss elements of their respected titles to find common ground. Unity, that’s our goal.

    Q || Do you think the market for educational content that promotes player improvement is growing rapidly?

    Yeah, I definitely think so. Esports in the last few years has proven to be a sport that is developing as fast as gaming, In Taiwan there are universities where people learn to become professional esports athletes and they are educating the athletes at an exceptional level. Other universities are offering education on how to manage an esports team. Esports is growing rapidly and soon enough there will be masterclasses similar to those in basketball. As the digital age is growing along with esports, a new form of learning is emerging. Currently the school system in Denmark is not favored due to the out of date teaching style and lack of technology involvement. We live in a digital age with online learning platforms, where you can learn twice as fast. In tradition school you are unable to ask the teacher ‘please speak faster’ but with the individual learning and online platforms, you able to go from 0-100 in 20 minutes or over the course of 4 weeks if you want to be specific.

    These are some of the reasons that esports is continuing to grow rapidly, the way of learning has changed and educational content is also moving over to a digital environment. We embrace this and want to promote this way of teaching.

    Q || What makes the GamerzClass platform unique, other platforms like Boomeo have existed in the past and had to shut down. How do you plan to overcome some of the problems that they may have faced and what makes you a unique operator in the market?

    We are establishing exclusives with the players we bring on board, which means people can only access content by them through us. Another plus is that we have very high production quality and the courses are specific, we understand many people turn to YouTube to try and learn however you have to be careful who you’re learning from and put together a puzzle of a million pieces to get the same content that we provide, YouTube creators focus on what will generate more views. We are providing courses that focuses on what people want to learn. For example we ask ‘what is Pimp good at doing, that people want to learn’ and focus on a course around that, we are unable to reveal the name but one of the best awpers in the world is doing an awp counter-strike course with us soon. Each course also has an eBook attached which provides players with a task to complete after each episode.

    Q || What was the strategy when deciding which pro players you wanted to teach the courses?

    We identify the most competitive games then look towards the pros in those titles. We are launching a subscription service later this year which aims to provide more value for money. All courses under one subscription. So, we do not want to cover every game, we want a few games with relevant content for each.

    When it comes to the players, it’s a long thought process identifying pros that we want to work with, we look for pros the we feel represent each game well and offer great value to the audience. We think Froggen has proven to be a really good player and also has a long standing history. Pimp also has a long standing history and is a big name in Denmark, while Agge is a very popular FIFA player. We really want to have profiles that have lived and made it as a professional, while also leaving their mark in this industry.

    Q || We previously mentioned the Danish school system, how do you see esports education growing or changing as we go into the future?

    That is a really interesting question, the industry is growing and promoting change, I think that gamers want to promote the use of digital learning. We are partnering with a number of schools that want to teach esports but they do not know how, We want to create the education content for them, allowing them to watch the course and follow the eBook, which enables them to complete assignments. Working with schools allows us to help develop and further the education system.

    Q || Denmark is a really big hub for esports in Europe, do you think that the infrastructure in Denmark and Scandinavia has contributed to the rise of esports in Europe?

    Yes definitely, when I was young, I was looking up to Ninjas in Pyjamas and all of those big teams. Also, in Denmark we admire people who create their own paths, the gaming industry has been an catalyst for Danes to go out and create companies, Astralis pioneered the way for esports in Denmark and put us on the map. Counter strike is hugely popular in Denmark along with Fifa, However Astralis really made the boom.

    If you want to learn more about becoming a professional player or just want to check out the website you can visit GamerzClass

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