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    Coldzera: Brazilian CS:GO and Professionalism in Esports

    image credit : MBR

    Written by Benjamin Hodge Mckenna

    In this Interview, I was able to speak with the legendary Brazilian player Coldzera about his life as a pro player just before the ECS Season 7 Finals in London, in June.

    How was the travel to the UK?

    The travel has been good so far. The flight was only an hour because we have been boot camping in Europe so it wasn’t too bad.

    How does the UK crowd compare to others around the world?

    The crowd in the UK is really nice actually, when we played the Major here, it was awesome. People cheer really hard. People don’t have a special team to cheer for, so they cheer for everyone.

    You had a really good run online in order to get here, what are your expectations at the finals?

    Beating Liquid online to get here was really good for us, we did really well to play against them. They’re really amazing right now, it filled us with so much confidence after we beat them. We’re really prepared to play against every team here , we can’t choose the teams, so we just want to turn up and play our best.

    image credit: coldzera

    Is there anyone in particular you really want to play against?

    I want to play against Furia, I want to prove to Brazil that we are still the best Brazilian team.

    How does it feel to have another Brazilian team here?

    It’s really nice to have another Brazilian team at the tournament, they are growing really fast as a team. But I think they have more to learn before they become a really solid roster.

    Is it better having an all Brazilian roster compared to being in the international mix with Stewie and Tarik?

    Yeah of course, in terms of language it’s really good, communication is very fast. When we played with Stewie and Tarik we had a language barrier, and this led to some chaotic situations when people spoke really fast. Right now, if I had the choice of what nationalities I could play with I would pick all Brazilian for sure.

    Some questions about you and your career now, when did you start playing Counter-Strike professionally?

    I started in 2015. When I was playing for LG. I was playing in Brazil since 2014. I had a salary and we played in local competitions, but I wouldn’t say I was professional until 2015.

    image credit: mbr

    How has your lifestyle changed compared to 2015?

    In 2015 it was more amateur. People played so many tournaments, events in general were good but some events were bad. But so many tournaments were good, EPL was good, ECS was good but some events had a less professional attitude. Nowadays it's more professional, you have a psychologist, staff and people to record you. That lets me put more effort in the game.

    Do you think having that staff network has benefited you?

    Of course, for image it’s really nice to have staff behind you. Having a psychologist is great for when you’re not feeling well. For the movies made by the organization it’s really good for image and right now it’s a really good year for CS.

    Furia are highlighted some of the upcoming players from Brazil, where do you think the next wave of CS players is going to come from?

    It’s really hard to say. I’m not sure yet. Furia are a good team, but I’m not sure where the next wave of players will come from. I think for us, we want to keep the MIBR team for a long time. But I don’t know when the players still want to play. I don’t know what age people should stop playing and we are starting to talk about that within the team, but I think that we will keep playing for at least 1-2 years.

    Do you have any advice for any aspiring players?

    Everything starts with a dream. I started to dream and wanted to be a pro player, so I really play a lot and try to be better every time and try to win everything. You need to start with a dream and work really hard. Just because things don’t happen quickly, you need to keep playing and keep trying because one day somebody could notice you.

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