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    An attempt to break the World Record for the longest continuous live stream begins today.

    By Benjamin Hodge Mckenna

    This Friday, a UK based esports organisation is attempting to break the world record for the longest video live-stream from a LAN centre in Birmingham.

    The organisation Radiant Esports has charged themselves with the challenge of breaking this world record in a marathon 13-day streaming session that begins on Friday. The current record was set in February of 2011 by a German organisation named Lifestyler TV in Cologne Germany. The record currently stands at 150 hours and 30 minutes and comprised of a live talk show. Whilst other attempts have been made to beat the record, none have been endorsed or verified by representatives from Guinness World Records.

    Video Credit: Nathan Edmonds

    The attempt itself will be a huge team effort with over 40 individuals participating in the live stream. It has also garnered commercial sponsorship with the brands X-Gamer and Florpad putting their names and support behind the live event. Radiant have also partnered with the new House of Gamers LAN centre in Birmingham and will use the centre as their venue for this live event. A LAN centre is a building that contains high-quality gaming computers and setups where people can go to rent time on the machines and play with their esports team or a group of friends. They have been popular in Asia for a long time and have recently been popping up around the UK with House of Gamers being on of the latest centres to open its doors.

    Radiant Esports have also decided to use this event as an opportunity to help the local community in Birmingham. I spoke to Radiant’s founder Nathan Edmonds who stated: “Our headline Charity for the event is the Mad Hatter's Children's Charity based here in our home city, Birmingham. Mad Hatter's Children's Charity helps children with special educational needs and disabilities across the West Midlands. They provide fun, educational activities for over 2000 children every year, their biggest event hosting over 1000 children.”

    The organisation has several milestones on the way to the £10000 end goal for the live stream. These milestones include stream talent: eating hot chillies, dying their hair blue and one pair have even pledged to get tattoos of each others initials at the £5000 mark.

    Should they be successful, a world record achievement could generate further publicity and awareness about the benefits of esports and streaming to the local community.

    The live event will be running from April 5th-17th and will be all streamed live on the organisation’s twitch channel.

    Should you wish to donate and contribute to their cause their charity page can be found here.

    We wish them the best of luck!

    Radiant Esports: https://radiantesports.com/

    House of Gamers: https://www.houseofgamers.co.uk/

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